Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hi Everyone,

I had a ton of St. Patrick’s Day posts planned, but then Charley happened….things are getting a bit easier with him, he is sleeping through the night finally, pooping normal, and knows how to use the bell on our back door to let us know that he needs to go potty!! Woo Hoo!! What a relief! So the St. Patty’s day tutorials and recipes will have to wait until next year, but below are a some pictures of our decorations.

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Hope your day was full of Irish blessings!




Puppy Potty/Meal Log and our first week with Charley

This first week with Charley (Notice the spelling has changed! Jo decided that his name was spelled wrong, or really that I hadn’t asked her how to spell his name. ) has been busy to say the least! We are so in love and we are sooooo tired! lol  We are getting to know him and he us, and we are all beginning to get into a little routine.  I have realized that during his awake time, he really wants my one on one attention, and I’ve noticed that he does not like it when I work on my computer or take pictures with my camera while he is expecting me to play with him!! You know, subtle hints like biting the cord, jumping up and gnawing on the computer, or trying to grab my camera strap! lol  A few days ago the poor little buddy finally gave in and just decided that if he slept on my foot while I was standing and taking pictures, that that would be good enough for awhile. 🙂

happy book post 004

That’s ok though, I just need to figure out my schedule for work, exercise, and keeping up our house while he is sleeping during his puppyhood.

I’ve also realized that if I keep track of when he eats, sleeps, and goes potty, my life is much easier! So I decided that I needed to make up a little chart to keep track of all of that! If you need a little chart, just click on the link below and it will open up for you in Microsoft Word and you can print it up for yourself!


Have a great weekend! I’m hoping to get back to regular postings next week!




Inspirational little book

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always looking for words of inspiration! I love to find great sayings that speak to me, sayings that inspire me, and sayings that make me laugh! So during Christmas time, I was shopping in my local bookstore and found the perfect little book. The book is called, Think Happy, Be Happy…art, inspiration, joy.

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It feels like it has been forever since I have posted on this blog! We were hit with the flu, and the girls had a week off at school, so we have just been hanging out and relaxing around here! I do have some pretty exciting news though! We have a new member of the family; Charlie Chief Thomas! (Named after my husband’s first Rottweiler; Chief) Our baby Rottweiler! He will be 11 weeks old on Wednesday, and truly couldn’t be sweeter or smarter! He has already learned to “sit”, and “lay down”. At this point he pretty much spends his time eating, playing, following us around, and is finally starting to sleep! Charlie and the chickens also seem to be hitting it off, they just look at each other through the fence, but we have also brought Charlie over to the coop area, where they also just look at each other, so we are hopeful that Charlie will learn that they too are his family! My husband, his parents, and my mom and her husband have raised Rottweiler’s, so they have a special place in our heart! They really are great family dogs, and we recently realized that if we want our girls to have a dog for the rest of their childhood, now is the time to bring one home! We know that this is going to be a lot of work, but really wanted a puppy so that he could be raised by our family alone! So meet Charlie, as Jeff called him yesterday, “our son”! 🙂

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

After a crazy computer week, I wanted to post a few last minute pictures of our Valentine’s day decorations! I LOVE to decorate for the holidays; it makes me feel festive and happy! I love to put out things that I love, things that remind me of someone special, or a special place where an item was purchased, and I LOVE to decorate with words that inspire me and remind me of what is important! Hope you are inspired to do some last minute decorating, or will gain some inspiration for next year!!

I LOVE this picture because of the flag!

valentinesdecor 006

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Valentine’s Day on Pinterest!

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I have a problem! A big problem! “Hi, my name is Christie and I’m a Pinaholic!” Truly, I could sit on my duff ALL DAY LONG and very, very happily, pin away! Have you been introduced to Pinterest yet? If not, you have got to check it out! Pinterest is kind of like an online magazine, a place to organize projects that you wish to complete, ideas to make your own, a place to find words that inspire you, recipes to cook, hair styles to try, fashion advice, etc., and a place to follow along with your friends and see what they love! I LOVE to follow my friends on Pinterest! Pinterest helps me get to know my friends better by looking at the things they pin! So this post is dedicated to Pinterest and Valentine’s Day! Below are some ideas that I “borrowed” from Pinterest to make our holiday more fun! Continue reading →

Computer Issues!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having some computer issues this week, which obviously is not a good thing when you are trying to become a blogger! Blogging from your iPhone just isn’t the same! Hoping to have them all resolved today or tomorrow! Just in case things don’t get fixed, I wanted to remind all of you that are doing the 52 week savings plan to stash that $7! Also, in case I’m not up and running by Friday, have a great Valentines Day with the ones you love!

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Friday Funny: Rosy In The Rain!

Rosyintherain 025

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you have “met” Rosy! If you are someone that has been to my house, you have probably held Rosy, and if you have “chicken sat” for my girls, then you have definitely chased Rosy! She looks tough with all of that crazy Polish hair, but she’a not, she’s sweet and cuddly (once you catch her)! Continue reading →

5 minute Gluten Free Salmon Tacos

salmontacosandwings 016

These tacos are hands down one of my favorite healthy meals! To me they are lip smackin yumminess, and best part is, they only take 5 minutes to make! Seriously, 5 minutes! I make them for lunch 1-2 times per week, and occasionally, I will make them for my family for dinner. Continue reading →

52 Week Savings Challenge!


Even though we are 6 weeks into this brand new year, I thought that I could still share this great idea! A girlfriend of mine (thanks, Heather!) shared this on Facebook awhile back, and I thought, “Wow, that seems pretty easy and very doable!” I’m good at saving for our retirement, but honestly, that’s about it! Continue reading →